An event is full, do you have a waitlist?

Yes, for full events we will maintain a waitlist for entrants. If you see an event is full then please feel free to send us an email requesting to be put on the wait list. We'll let you know if we have an entrant withdraw.

Where do I park?

There is a large car park at the Caldecotte Arms and Furzton. It's within a few yards of the start/finish. Please park considerately as we don't want to upset their non-running customers. Willen Lake is a pay and display car parking area.

When do I get my race number?

You'll pick this up on race day morning, from the Race HQ, situated inside the Caldecotte Arms at Caldecotte, the Fayre & Square at Furzton and the Cafe at Willen. Please pick up at least 15 minutes before the scheduled race start.

Are their time limits for the races?

Yes, check the event information pages for details as it varies for each event.

Do you have secure baggage facilities?

No. But for any of the loops races you're free to leave bags at the start/finish. There will always be someone around but we can't guarantee their security, we also provide a small baggage tent, but in the event of rain we can't guarantee things won't get wet.

Trail shoes? Road Shoes?

The paths around the lake are a wide hard gravel bike/walking surface, there are several short parts concrete and a few yards of grass/mud trail. Virtually everybody wears road shoes.

Are the courses closed to the public?

No. We use public foot paths and cycle paths. All runners need to be considerate to all other lakeside users, We do not have the right of way & need to be mindful of members of the public out walking their dogs, cycling or fishing and also refrain from littering. Please bear in mind we run small races for good causes and the actions of a few thoughtless individuals could prevent us holding these races if we receive complaints about inconsiderate runners.

What on course facilities do you provide?

Water, nibbles, starter, timekeeper and encouragement every lap!

No gels? Energy drinks?

No. But we do provide a table that you can leave things on for you to collect each time you do a lap of the course, so basically you need to bring your own on course nutrition.

Can I leave personal drinks at the drinks station?

Yes, you may want to label it and we will not be responsible for folks drinking the wrong drinks!

Does the pub sell draught Guinness?


Do you cut across the grass at the top end of the lake?

Yes, follow the line of the path straight across the grass to the grassy knoll/steps.

Do you take the steps?

No, there are no steps on the route.

Are there any roads to cross on the route?

No, there are no roads to cross on the route.

Can I use an ipod or mp3 player on the course?

Yes, the courses are traffic free. Though please be aware that you are running on public footpaths with the general public so make sure that you pay attention to people, children on bikes, wildlife and so on.

How far is Race HQ from the train station?

Roughly 2 miles from Bletchley & 4.5 miles from Milton Keynes Central, Bow Brickhill is the closest station (about a mile) but you will need to use the Bedford line which is very slow & runs on an hourly basis - you can change onto the Bedford line at Bletchley Station - platform 5.

The train station is 150 yards from the bus station in town & a number 8 bus runs every 30 mins taking 10 mins approx - get off when you see the Windmill :)

Do you have numbers for local taxi firms?

Raffles cabs 01908 222222 or Skyline 01908 222111

Are these events official?

Yes. Held in accordance with 100 Marathon Club rules.